The Best Bicycle Mechanic in Beenleigh

Taking your bike anywhere else for a repair or a service may mean that you will be paying too much or even for repairs or parts that you might not need – invest today at the choice in Bicycle Service and Bicycle Repairs in Beenleigh – South East Cycles.

  • Bicycle Service Repairs Beenleigh
  • Bike Service Repairs Beenleigh
Bicycle Service Repairs Beenleigh
Servicing & Repairing your bike to the specifications outline by the manufacturer. While ensuring that we maintain excellent customer service and customer relations - we aim to look after you.

Give us a call today, we will be happy to give you a quotation – all of our prices as a guide are shown on the right.

Servicing and Repairs Prices – The prices listed below are a guide only. Any parts needed will incur additional costs. Feel free to drop your ride by our Beenleigh bicycle store for a free quote and fast turnaround times on all bike repairs and services.

Whether you need high-quality bike repairs or a standard service, please see our full price list below.

  • Minor Service – $99 (parts not included)
    Full Safety Inspection, Recommendation of parts needed; Inspect and inflate tyres; Replace tubes if required; Adjust brake calipers, cables and pads; Adjust front and rear derailleurs (including straighten rear hanger);  Check headset, cranks seat and posts, hubs and axles; Test Ride.
  • Standard Service – $149 (parts not included)
    Full Standard Service plus; Wheels trued in pro stand, Degrease and deluxe wash; includes 2 inner and outer cables;
    $165.00 worth of value

  • Tube replacement – $15
  • Wheel truing – $40
  • Wheel building from – $95
  • Hub rebuild – $45
  • Replace bottom bracket – $40
  • Hydro brake bleed – $35
  • Glue singles – $65
  • Build boxed bike – $69
  • Position / bike fit – N/A
  • Full strip down and rebuild (includes cables but hubs not included)  – $399.00